Buffalo man's plot to frame drug dealer with stolen hearse was ill-advised in retrospect

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When you owe a drug dealer a lot of money, and the drug dealer steals your mom's car as collateral, then kidnaps you for awhile, only to release you with a stern admonition to pay the money you allegedly owe -- oh, and return the drugs you allegedly stole -- the resulting anxiety might cloud your judgment.

This appears to be the case with Michael Healing, a Buffalo man who police say owed a local drug dealer $11,000 and stolen drugs. Instead of doing as he was advised, Healing went rogue. From the Buffalo News:

In what police described as a harebrained scheme, Healing plotted to trick the dealer into being caught with the stolen hearse.

“He was going to call the dealer and tell him that the stolen money was inside the hearse, which would be parked somewhere. Healing figured the dealer would then steal the hearse,” a police officer said. “Healing was going to tell us that the dealer had stolen the hearse and was driving around in it.”

What could go wrong? Plenty, much to the consternation of one Michael Healing:

After Healing, 28, was freed by the drug dealer and had stolen the hearse, he showed up at the Central District police station in downtown to report his mother’s car had been stolen and that he had been kidnapped.

But before Healing could share the part of his scheme that police could find his kidnapper driving around in the hearse, police had grown suspicious. They already knew a hearse had been stolen and someone blurted out the word “hearse.”

The mention of the word caused Healing to bolt from the station, but he was caught and returned for questioning.

On a positive note, the hearse theft provided a light-hearted moment for funeral-goers, the News report. 

Finally, it's clear that Healing is on a brainstorming roll: At his court hearing on felony theft charges, Healing told the judge that he wants to represent himself.

What could go wrong?

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