Pastor blows lid off Pope's insidious plot to trick Christians into backing 'gay agenda'

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You cannot fool self-proclaimed pastor William Tapley: He knows a "false prophet" when he sees one, and he sees one in Pope Francis.

Tapley, who likes to refer to himself as the "Third Eagle of the Apocalypse" and "Co Prophet of the End Times" -- and who retired from Ethan Allen Furniture in 2001 -- has determined that Pope Francis is up to no good as he prepares for a papal visit to Philadelphia.

And that's because Pope Francis the "false prophet" who "disguises himself as an angel of light" is more like the Chief Subliminal Propagandist for the Gay Agenda! Well, according to retired Ethan Allen Furniture employee and Co Prophet of the End Times William Tapley, anyway.

Listen to Tapley lay out his case in the video below about how the logo being used by the Vatican for World Meeting of Families 2015 actually is secretly promoting the "gay agenda":

"There is a hidden agenda in this logo to promote the gay agenda. That's because this image actually shows two men, and their relationship is a sexual one and not one of holy matrimony."

The image actually actually shows seven figures. And get this: The seven figures in the logo not only are all men, but they are all different heights! Different heights! For some reason, this cannot be emphasized enough (though Tapley tries).

Bottom line: The Vatican logo for the Philadelphia conference is "a satanic logo promoting gay marriage." Anybody can see this. 

Nice try, Pope Francis.

This story, "Pastor blows lid off Pope's insidious plot to trick Christians into backing 'gay agenda'" was originally published by Fritterati.

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