Sure, Obama made counterfeiting legal -- but only if you do a good job!

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President Obama has presided over the most sinister and dangerous organized crime ring since the Clintons back on the '90s, according to some conservatives. 

Just look at this list compiled over at RedState, where you also can read scholarly dissertations about "Space Cadet Hillary." The author of this piece has identified 140 crimes committed by Barack Obama.

This revealing article was written back in 2012, however, which explains why it doesn't include either Jade Helm 15 (Obama's chilling plan to impose martial law) or the president's attempt to destroy our currency by decreeing counterfeiting to be legal.

You didn't know? Neither did the uninformed cops (Obama storm troopers?) in this sad story from The Huffington Post:

When Pamela Downs was arrested for allegedly trying to pass counterfeit money, she supposedly gave the cops what she thought was a reasonable explanation: Obama made it legal.

Downs, 45, was arrested after an incident Sunday night when she allegedly gave a gas station employee in Kingsport, Tennessee, a suspicious-looking $5 bill.

That is, if you consider a bill printed from a home printer -- make that two sides of a bill printed on a home printer and then glued together, just like they do at the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing -- to be suspicious-looking.

Then there was this (from CBSNews Washington): 

Police then searched Downs’ purse and found a $100 bill which was also counterfeit. The Times News reports the bill was printed in black and white and that the back of the bill was printed upside down.

Police also found a receipt for a printer and copy paper in her purse.

“I don’t give a ****, all these other b****** get to print money, so I can too,” she reportedly told police when she was arrested.

Downs source for this information was the fake news site TheSkunk (not to be confused with the fake news site RedState), which printed this article in 2009 alleging that the newly elected president wanted to "distribute 375 million printing presses to every man, woman and child in the nation, so they can print their own U.S. currency."

Yet six years later, and we don't have ours. Thanks, Obama.

This story, "Sure, Obama made counterfeiting legal -- but only if you do a good job!" was originally published by Fritterati.

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