Beyond Amazon Prime Day: Where else to get Black Friday prices in July


Amazon has promised that its Prime Day will offer more deals than Black Friday -- but so far they've been underwhelming. But there are plenty of other places you can go this July to get Black Friday prices. I've got the details about where to go -- and whether it's worth it.

I've been looking for great deals on Amazon today, and have come up empty-handed. Yes,I could get 35% off on Velveeta Shells & Cheese (no thanks), $5 off some Gillette blades and 20% off on Lysol wipes. I must admit, though, that didn't set my heart aflutter.

I'm a sucker for electronics, but the deals there so far have been equally unimpressive. Mainly I found second-tier products that I wouldn't necessarily want to buy at any price. Oddly enough, I found a 62%-off deal on Bayer aspirin in the electronics deal section. Maybe they're intended as cures for your computing woes?

There have been a few good deals, such as on Kindles and Roombas. But other than that, it's felt so far like browsing the bins of your local Goodwill store.

July seems to be the new Black Friday, though, so there are plenty other places this month to look for Black-Friday-like deals. Walmart has its own sale today with 2,000 deals, which are marked "Rollback" to show that they're discounted. "Discounted" doesn't mean you'll want them, though. At times it appears as if someone has simply emptied out their attic. Unlike at Amazon, though, each deal doesn't last a short time -- they're on throughout the day.

Target has a "Black Friday in July" sale that continues for several more days, until Monday. The deals won't knock your socks off -- and yes, there are deals on socks. As at Amazon, there seems to be match between electronics and headache relief --- Target is selling Excedrin on its "computers, office & networking" deal site at $1.50 off.

Best Buy, meanwhile, says it will have a Black Friday-like sale on July 24 and 25. One can only hope that one really delivers.

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