The plane-seat design that could make train travel popular again

plane seating2
Zodiac Aerospace screen shot

An airline seat-making company has come up with an idea that could pack even more passengers into an economy-class cabin.

Zodiac Seats France, a leading manufacturer of airline seats, has applied for a patent for Economy Class Cabin Hexagon, a configuration in which seats alternate facing forward and backward in a row. In a row with three seats, the window and aisle seat face forward, while the middle seat faces the rear of the plane.

Designers estimate the configuration could add 80 seats to a typical Boeing 767. On the plus side, passengers would have more shoulder and arm space because of the overlap an overlap in the shoulder areas of adjacent seats. (The seats also flip up, as they do in a theatre. Exiting the plane would be easier, but no word on how challenging it would be to move about the cabin while in flight.)

Some are calling the design a nightmare, but it’s still just a concept. The design would have to go through a whole series of approvals and safety tests to become reality.

It’s an insidious interesting idea for airlines looking to maximize profits; not so much for passengers looking to minimize eye-contact. Maybe it’s a better configuration for a travel dating service.

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