South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, your beloved constituents would like a few words with you

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The Confederate flag came down from the South Carolina Capital grounds on Friday to cheers and applause. Over at Gov. Nikki Haley's Facebook page, however, not everybody was quite as supportive.

Let's see what some of Haley's constituents had to say about the removal of the treason/slavery/juvenile oppositional defiance disorder flag, otherwise known as the Stars and Bars:

James MacLean The state legislature is full of cowards and turncoats! And you are leading them in their cowardly ways very well, Governor. You have turned your back on your constituency to appease the real race-baiting hypersensitive crybabies. GREAT JOB!!!

Yes, governor, you are such a turncoat for turning your back on the turncoat flag!

Justin Greene Such a sad day you are disgrace to the whole state of south Carolina

Evan Payne Worst excuse for a leader ever, I'm ashamed to even say I live in South Carolina because of you Nikki Haley. I'm still proud of my heritage and my flag and you will NEVER take that from me.

Louise Norwood Keithly Bad day in South Carolina thanks Nikki Haley now what youth going to do about the black history month huh

Chris Proctor Nikki Haley you are a disgrace, you turned your back on your states heritage.Way to show some backbone

Robert Leffler No Nikki, it is a SAD Day in SC History. You bellyundered to a knee jerk reaction. The CONFEDERATE BATTLE FLAG will PROUDLY FLY over my part of SC forever. You will not see another VOTE from me for you, EVER.

Fortunately, some of the more than 6,000 comments left on Haley's Facebook page in response to the flag removal show some triple-digit IQs at work...

Tim Kelly It's a great day in South Carolina. Thank you, Governor.

Olivia Baker Thank you Nikki Haley for helping take down the flag that caused so many people to feel unwelcome in our state. It's a great day in South Carolina.

Shameca Hill Rn It is a wonderful day in South Carolina! I'm a proud southern belle!! Thank you Hun

Janice Walker Fahy Thank you, Governor Haley. You are the real deal. God bless you and God bless the extraordinary state of South Carolina.

Aaron Jophlin It is indeed a great day in South Carolina! Thank you Governer Haley, Senator Graham, and all of the legislators that supported this dynamic step forward in South Carolina's history. A commendable effort to promote the healing of our state.

We'll give this fine woman the last word...

Sylvia Scarlett Judging from the comments it's a sad day for bigots and racists but a great day for America! Thank-you for doing the right thing for South Carolina and for America.

Well said, Sylvia.

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