West Virginia man for some reason kept two deer in his house for a year

deer in house
Credit: West Virginia Natural Resources Police screen shot

As far as household pets go, deer probably aren't the most practical choice, being large and generally undomesticated. But one West Virginia seemed to think otherwise.

From the Facebook page of the West Virginia Natural Resources Police: 

On 07/04/2015 NRP Officers Addesa and Nicely were on their way to work boat patrol when the received a complaint of deer being kept inside of a home in Cabell County. Officers responded to the home and found two bucks inside the residence. During their investigation NRP Officers learned that the deer had been living inside the home for at least a year. A man was charged and prosecution is pending. The deer were set free and the DNR Wildlife Section will be notified.

Not sure why we don't have the name of the deer man, but The Washington Post offers this quote from a police spokesman: “While [the two officers] were interviewing the subject, they could hear the commotion in the back part of the house, and the man tried to explain it away as a dog. He finally confessed it was a second buck.”

The thing is, as the police explain on their Facebook page, "It is illegal to confine wildlife or secure them in an area where they are not able to roam free or come and go as they please."

Plus your floors will be covered in urine and big mounds of poop pellets, as this guy's were.

Maybe he figured if he kept the deer inside his house, it'd be much harder for hunters to shoot them. Or maybe he actually did think they were dogs.

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