Calgary man flies over city in lawn chair powered by helium balloons

Credit: News News screen shot

Just because something can theoretically (or even in reality) be done, doesn't mean you should run out and do it. Like sit in a chair attached to more than 100 helium balloons.

But that didn't stop Daniel Boria, a 26-year-old Calgary man who thought his stunt was a most excellent way to promote his natural cleaning products company.

From CTV News Channel:

After he was unable to find anyone else willing to do it, Boria took skydiving lessons, “figured out how many (balloons) it would take to carry somebody, and (multiplied) that by three.”

He called it the “most thrilling experience of my life.”

Fortunately it wasn't the final experience of Boria's life, and while he managed to parachute to safety, he might have spent a bit more time analyzing why nobody else wanted to do it.

Also, if Boria's initial plan of landing in the middle of chuckwagon races during the Calgary Stampede had succeeded, someone certainly could have been hurt. Finally, there was the matter of the abandoned wooden lawn chair possibly landing on somebody.

Boria, appropriately, was charged with mischief causing danger to life -- an excellent description of his ill-advised prank. 

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