5 killer tips for Apple Music

applemusic tips
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Want to get more out of Apple Music? I've got five killer tips for you.

Listen to Beats 1 radio after it airs

Didn't manage to catch Beats 1 radio played by one of the regular or guest "curators" like Zane Lowe, Ebro Darden, Julie Adenuga, St Vincent's Mixtape Delivery Service, Dr Dre or others? No problem. You can easily listen to what they played.

There are several ways to do it. You can search for Beats 1 in the search bar. Or you can search Beats 1 in playlists. However, that might not bring up all of the playlists by guests hosts. So use Connect to follow any of Beats 1's curators.

Get song lyrics

Want to see the lyrics to a song you play? Get the Musixmatch Lyrics Finder. Then enable Notification Center widgets. When you play a song in Apple Music you'll be able to get its lyrics.

Get better recommendations

Apple Music is reasonably good at knowing what music you like, based on what you told it about your tastes when you signed up for the service. But you can make its recommendations even better. Make sure to use the heart button whenever you hear a song you like. That's fairly obvious. Not quite as obvious is to hold down for a longer press when you don't like a song. After you hold down, scroll to the bottom of the screen that appears and select "Recommend Less Like This."

Save tracks to listen to offline

We don't like in an always-connected world. If you want to listen to tracks when you're not connected, first turn on the iCloud Music Library. When when you want to save something offline, tap the three dots next to what you want to save. From the menu that appears, select either "Make Available Offline" (in iOS) or "Add to My Music" ( in iTunes). You only get to keep the music for as long as you continue to subscribe to Apple Music.

Add pictures to playlists

Here's a nice little trick: You can add photos from your iPhone to identify playlists. When you create a new playlist by selecting "My Music-->Playlists-->New, tap the camera button in the upper-left corner. That will let you choose a photo from your Camera Roll or let you take a new photo to identify the playlist.

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