4 great free iOS and Android apps for celebrating July 4

omaha steaks
Credit: Omaha Steaks

Here's a great way to prepare for July 4 --- download these four free apps for iOS and Android that will help you get more from the holiday. Whether you're grilling, want to enjoy fireworks, or more, they're what you want.

Fireworks Arcade

Want to get onscreen warmups for July 4 fireworks --- or watch them onscreen if you can't be there in person? Then get this iOS app that lets you enjoy fireworks in multiple ways, including creating your own, making art using fireworks shapes, and playing fireworks-themed arcade games.

Sit of Squat

You're going to do plenty of driving or walking this July 4, and probably imbibing beer as well. That means you're also going to spend far more time than you want searching for rest rooms. This app from Charmin for Android and iOS finds rest rooms near wherever you are. It doesn't just find them, though. It rates them as well, with Sit being a good one, and Squat a not-so-good-one. You can also search by things such as cleanliness or handicapped access.

Omaha Steaks Steak Time

What's July 4 without a barbecue? It's not July 4. If you're planning on grilling steaks, you need this app for iOS. It's got recipes, how-to information and videos, a timer, grocery-list maker, and more.

EPA's SunWise UV Index

Here on the East Coast, we prefer to eat lobsters on July 4 rather than look as red as them. If you want to protect yourself from sunburn this summer holidy and make sure you don't get too much ultraviolet exposure, get this app for iOS and Android. It gives you daily and hourly forecasts for UV levels wherever you are.

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