CyanogenMod team shows off Gello, a customizable browser based on Chromium

The newest Android browser project has a lot of security settings, making it ideal for the privacy conscious.

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If Chrome isn’t doing it for you, there may soon be another option for browsing the web on your Android device.

The team behind the Android split-off CyanogenMod showed off Gello, which features multiple customization options and privacy settings for those who like to tinker.

Based off open-source Chromium, it's still a work in progress. And Cyanogen hasn’t shared whether it will only work on devices powered by its operating system variant or if it will end up in the Play Store. The above video gives you a pretty good idea, however, of how it will look and perform.

The story behind the story: It appears Cyanogen head Kirt McMaster is trying to dial back some of his more flamboyant comments about Google (he said the goal was to “put a bullet in Google’s head”).

Android Police spotted a statement from Cyanogen’s Joey Rizzoli:

”CyanogenMod Team does not hate Google, this is not a way to steal Google’s work (chromium is opensource), nor me (or any other CM team member) wants you remove Chrome from your device. You’ll always be free to choose to install your GApps package alongside with CyanogenMod and repace [sic] all the CyanogenMod apps you don’t like/use with Google’s. Me and all the CM teams uses Google Apps and Services every day. We aren’t “putting a bullet into Google’s head”. We’re just creating an operative system (or ROM or Firmware, whatever you call it).”

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