Great news, conspiracy nuts! Conspiracy Nut Central is hiring!

The Illuminati
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People often are encouraged to "follow their passion" in life -- at least until they actually begin to do so, after which they are discouraged and mocked for daring to dream.

But if your passion is all manner of conspiracy theories, if you're so paranoid that you think we're spying on you as you read these words, well, we are! Boo!

Just kidding. Actually, today is your lucky day, conspiracy nuts, for we have excellent news: The nuttiest of all conspiracy nut sites -- Infowars -- is hiring!

The only hitches are 1) You have to move to Austin, Texas, where Infowars is based, and 2) You'll have to work for Alex Jones, whose only speaking volume is yelling.

Neither should be deal-killers if you're a true conspiracy believer. Just look at the great jobs available:


Marketing graphic designer

Radio crew

Social media support


Imagine being part of a team helping to spread the truth about:

  • How those liberals who like to attack the Confederate flag also tolerate (and maybe secretly encourage; who's to know?) Isis throwing gays off buildings!
  • "Humanity’s last chance to dismantle Obama’s completely dictatorial takeover" (otherwise known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership)
  • How nearly half of all Texans (44%) expect the implementation of martial law
  • Something something Bilderberg
  • How California somehow is "following in Nazi footsteps"
  • Something something The Illuminati
  • How liberals want to disarm all whites
  • The pandemic of black on white crime that is everywhere if only the liberal media would report it, which they won't
  • The secret plan to fake an invasion of extraterrestrials in order to "usher in world government"

Any one of those stories spells Pulitzer for the right nut. Could you be that nut?

Of course, it all could be a trap to lure you to Texas, where you'll be arrested by the U.S. military currently in the process of implementing martial law under Jade Helm 15. We're just saying that's something to keep in mind. 

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