When that dog licking your ankle while you're sleeping actually is a bear

Credit: Tambako The Jaguar via Flickr

It's a lazy summer day, and you're taking a peaceful nap on your sunny deck. 

Before you know it, the neighbor's dog is nosing around your feet, the way curious dogs do. How cute and neighbor-like! You love the neighbor's friendly German shepherd!

So you reach down to pet him, but by now he's got your ankle in his teeth. Hey, wait a minute, that's not your neighbor's German shepherd!

From The Aspen Times:

Lazy Glen resident Peter Rizzuto was enjoying an afternoon nap outside on his deck Tuesday when a furry creature approached him. Groggy, Rizzuto petted the animal. Then the animal wrapped its mouth around Rizzuto’s ankle.

“I thought it was a German shepherd,” he said.

It wasn’t.

“I started petting it and saying ‘nice doggy,’” said Rizzuto, 77, thinking it was a visiting pet from a neighbor. “It then took my ankle but didn’t break the skin. Then I saw and looked down at his feet, and I see these big claws with really beautiful nails, and at this time I realize he’s a bear.”

We didn't even know bears got pedicures. We are such city slickers! 

Fortunately, the bear let go of Ruzzuto's ankle and the two amicably parted ways.

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