Scenes from Red Hat Summit 2015

Here’s what Boston’s Hynes Convention Center looks like as we count down to kickoff for Red Hat Summit 2015.

red hat summit 2015 1

Red Hat Summit

Red Hat’s annual conference/gathering/open-source party, the Red Hat Summit, kicks off Tuesday night with several keynotes – featuring CEO Jim Whitehurst, SVP Craig Muzilla and Cisco VP Satinder Sethi.

red hat summit 2015 2

The great game…

One of Red Hat’s exhibits at this year’s Summit centers around this, the great UX adventure – exploring the various kiosks in the UX room grants you the opportunity to pick up the controller and play…

red hat summit 2015 3

The RH four-sided Pong game!

Yes, the RH four-sided Pong game! (What?) They’re even keeping track of high scores, so this ancient type of nerd glory is available to you.

red hat summit 2015 4

Computers at which you choose your UX adventure

Here you can work your way through the various stages of the aforementioned UX adventure, presumably sliding across design elements and escaping from bloodthirsty rogue fonts.

red hat summit 2015 5

The social wall

It’s a tall, sophisticated-seeming one, with a main crawl and periodic central Tweet features. Sadly, they didn’t use my excellent and worthwhile tweet.

red hat summit 2015 6

Yeah, we know, it’s not about DESKTOP Linux…

but it’s still funny to see at an open-source-focused conference. Get with the program, HP. Maybe have your booth full of Debian machines next time.

red hat summit 2015 7

The way to a dev’s heart

Yes, these are, indeed, customized bottle openers being handed out to attendees of DevNation, the associated developer conference that’s happening in the same building as Red Hat Summit.



If you’re going to have customized metal bottle-openers at your conference, you obviously will need a laser etching machine to customize them. Just like in If you Give a Mouse a Cookie.

red hat summit 2015 9

Looking good, Back Bay

Hynes Convention Center is located at the western end of the Back Bay, just a block away from swanky Newbury Street. It’s a nice-looking neighborhood, don’t you think?