10 fun facts about Jurassic World

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If you are into the Jurassic Park movies, Jurassic World will blow your mind. 

It's already blown plenty of minds; the movie is the first to top $500 million in global box-office opening weekend sales ($511.8 million). The special effects are spectacular, the action is non-stop, and the dinosaurs cannot stop fighting!

Even if you haven't seen Jurassic World, you still should enjoy this compilation of "Top 10 Jurassic World Facts" by WatchMojo.com. Here are a couple to fill out this post whet your appetite:

The original release date for Jurassic World was in the summer of 2005. (Somebody missed a deadline!)

In Jurassic World, the storyline includes the "fact" that the park opened in June 2005. (Hey, if you can't make the movie deadline in real life, you can at least make it in the movie itself.)

Finally, the estimated budget for this movie more than 10 years in the making was $180 million, which (surprisingly) barely lands it in the top 50 most expensive films ever made. Given the record opening, Jurassic World appears to be the most profitable film ever made.

We wonder if they'll make a sequel.

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