When Kramer tries to guess George's secret ATM code

Credit: MattSaintCool screen shot

While we're waiting for Hulu on Wednesday to begin streaming all 180 episodes of Seinfeld...

Jason Alexander got into some trouble earlier this month when he offered an explanation for why the Seinfeld character to whom he was engaged in the the show was killed off.

Alexander, who played Jerry Seinfeld's friend George Costanza in the show, told Howard Stern that he had no chemistry with Heidi Swedberg, the actress who played George's fiancee, Susan Ross.

After his comments were trashed in social media, Alexander apologized. All of which leads to the video below, which begins with Susan offering to get George money from the ATM if he would only give her his card and password. But George is very guarded about his "secret code."

The best scene comes at the 1:35 mark, when Kramer takes a shot at guessing George's password. Check it out below.


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