Seinfeld countdown begins on Hulu


Starting just one week from today, Hulu users will be able to watch any of the 180 episodes of the classic sitcom "Seinfeld" via the online video service.

It only cost Hulu an estimated $126 million for streaming rights to the NBC hit, which ran from the late '80s through most of the '90s.

To whet viewers' appetite before the big unveiling, Hulu is "unlocking one specially selected episode per week."

We have no idea what today's specially selected episode is because we don't have a Hulu subscription -- and we're not about to start our free 7-day trial (after which we pay $7.99 a month) exactly one week before we can watch all the Seinfeld episodes we want.

For those of you who have Hulu subscriptions, you have a freebie waiting for you.

In the meantime, we'll start our own countdown with some of our favorite Seinfeld scenes. Today's offering: George Costanza is dumbfounded that the clown paid to entertain at a child's birthday party never has heard of Bozo. And then there was a fire.

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