Man sates curiosity over what getting shot in foot feels like

Trubble via Flickr

He probably could have Googled "what does it feel like to be shot in the foot," but a Colorado man on Wednesday insisted on finding out himself.

From the Denver Post:

Adam Hirtle, 30, is suspected of prohibited use of weapons, reckless endangerment and child abuse in the shooting. Sgt. James Sokolik, a Colorado Springs police spokesman, said Hirtle was served a summons in the case and released. ...

"Hirtle stated he took his boot off and shot it, then placed his boot back on his foot and then intentionally shot himself in the foot," police say. "He did not sustain life-threatening injury nor was anybody else injured."

The self-shooting victim informed the police when they visited him in the hospital that the shooting in his garage was quite intentional and done in the name of YOLO.

Hirtle announced that he would publish a white paper outlining his methodology and recording his conclusions in the science journal Guys Who Maybe Shouldn't Have Guns.

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