When an autographed ball isn't enough

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Sports memorabilia is a huge industry, and people will pay a lot of money for items associated with athletic heroes. Sometimes those items go beyond game balls and uniforms to the really bizarre.

Like a legendary baseball player's dentures. Or a tennis star's ponytail. Or another player's chewed gum. As we said, bizarre (and sometimes disturbing).

Sportsbreak has a rundown of what it considers to be the "9 weirdest sports memorabilia purchases ever," including:

Ty Cobb's fake teeth. The Detroit Tigers outfielder reportedly was an unpleasant man and a dirty baseball player, but he could hit the damn ball. The "Georgia Peach" had more than 4,000 hits in his 22-year career and more votes than any other player for the first Hall of Fame induction. Among the Cobb memorabilia in Cooperstown is an item donated by a Pennsylvania woman named Karen Shemonsky, who purchased Cobb's dentures at a Sotheby's auction in 1999 for $7,475.

Andre Agassi's ponytail. The men's tennis star was known for his flowing locks, among other things. But in the late '90s, Agassi cut off his ponytail, which was purchased by businessman Robert Earl for his Official All-Star Cafe in Times Square. 

Nolan Ryan's jockstrap. We don't even know what to say about this. 

You can read the other items over at sportsbreak, though they force you to go through the dreaded slide show. Which isn't as bad as sniffing a jockstrap, but still.

This story, "When an autographed ball isn't enough" was originally published by Fritterati.

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