The depressing death risk calculator

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Wonder if you’ve living on death’s doorstep?

Researchers have developed a new death risk calculator that can predict how likely you are to die within five years, Reuters reports. The calculator is aimed at 40- to 70-year-olds. It features a short questionnaire (13 questions for men, 11 for women) and covers topics such as the number of cars you own and what kind of walker you are (fast or slow).

The findings come from scientists Andrea Ganna and Erik Ingelsson, whose study was published in the Lancet. The study is the largest of its kind and is based on a national health resource called UK Biobank.

The website, called Ubble (for UK Longevity Explorer), also determines a person’s “Ubble age”. An Ubble age lower than actual age means risk of early death is low. If it is higher, say researchers, people might consider making changes, such as stopping smoking or eating a healthier diet.

According to The Guardian, “While self-assessed health is the strongest risk factor for men, the strongest for women is any diagnosis of cancer, which is the biggest cause of women’s death in this age group. For people of both sexes who do not have any serious disease or disorder, smoking is the most significant factor.”

Researchers say they hope the information will encourage people to make healthy choices and will be used by doctors to pinpoint potential high-risk patients.

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