Imgur launches its first native Android app

Derek Walter

Imgur is a great time waster. You can tank even more productivity now with the company’s inaugural native Android app.

It’s a version 2.0 release because Imgur did have an app, but it was essentially a glorified web app and not very fast. The new edition is a great relaunch, with Material Design elements and a lot of gestures for zooming into pictures and swiping through the card-based interface. Imgur uses Android’s floating action button for quick access to uploading your own creations.

You can grab Imgur from the Play Store.

Why this matters: We’re seeing more companies elevate their Android game by following Android design standards and taking advantage of native development tools. Even though Android has more marketshare worldwide, it often plays second fiddle to iOS when new apps launch. With all those new developer features coming in Android M announced at Google I/O, there’s some hope for similar quality releases in the future.

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