Footwear that can detect your mood

Guttorm Flatabø via Flickr

Smartwatches are so 2015. The hipsters of the future will be wearing smart shoes.

Well, maybe not hipsters; more like fitness enthusiasts and people with a terrible sense of direction.

Lenovo on Thursday offered a glimpse of current concept projects during its TechWorld event in Beijing. The “smart shoes” are one of several projects in the works. Also on the testing block are a dual-screen smartwatch and a smartphone with a laser projector that can detect hand motions.

Whether or not you’re in the mood for a run (the trainers apparently detect how you’re feeling and display it on a small screen on the side), the shoes track and analyze fitness data, such as heartbeat and calorie consumption. Select a destination and the vibration pads embedded in the shoes will help you head in the right direction. (We would find that last feature extremely helpful.)

Lenovo’s “Magic View” smartwatch boasts two screens, a round one on top and a second virtual interactive display on the watch band. While it’s still in development, Lenovo says the second screen provides a more immersive experience, enabling viewers to follow a map or watch a video with larger visuals than with current smartwatch technology. 

But smartwatches are so 2015, so who cares?

The company also unveiled Smart Cast, a smartphone that allows a user to project a large virtual touchscreen onto a surface, creating a virtual keyboard. It can also be used to project a movie on a wall, or to video chat while viewing content on the smartphone screen.

Well, that sounds cool. 

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