The (fake Funny or Die) Duggars speak out!

Funny or Die screen shot

The Duggars have had to withstand a withering barrage of criticism in the wake of reports that eldest son Josh sexually abused several young girls when he was a teenager.

Even praying has brought scant solace to the reality-television family of 18 19 20 21, since God also thinks they're really creepy.

Now the beleaguered fundamentalist family's parents are speaking out! Well, they're not exactly the real Duggars; they're two actors portraying Jim Bob and Michelle explaining the events that are causing advertisers to drop the family's TLC show in droves.

Maybe those over-reactive advertisers will reconsider after this...

This story, "The (fake Funny or Die) Duggars speak out!" was originally published by Fritterati.

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