Emojis are about to get even more awesome

Credit: The All-Nite Images via Flickr

It’s the sort of news that prompts smiley faces and confetti across networks and around the world.

A total of 38 new emoji characters could make their debut in mid-2016. Announced May 22 by the Unicode Consortium, the emoji characters depict a wide array of emotions and items, including face palm, dancing man, rolling on the floor laughing, bacon and Mother Christmas.

The Unicode Consortium is a non-profit corporation based in Mountain View, California, dedicated to promoting the Unicode Standards.

From the consortium:

These emoji have been accepted as candidates for Unicode 9.0 for a variety of reasons. They may be needed for compatibility with emoji characters in existing systems. For example, the FACE WITH COWBOY HAT was accepted for compatibility with the emoji used in Yahoo Messenger. Some are chosen based on expected high frequency of use or because they are highly popular requests from online communities. Others fill gaps in the existing set of Unicode emoji, as by completing a gender pair.

The consortium makes it clear in its announcement that the 38 characters are candidates for Unicode 9.0, which means they are still being considered and have not yet all been approved.

Which leads us to ask: Isn’t a year a long time to wait for bacon?

View the full list of proposed new characters on the consortium’s website

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