YouTube brings 60fps playback to Android app, adds 60fps live streaming

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YouTube is stepping up the quality of its live streaming, announcing Thursday it will now support 60fps live broadcasts.

Google’s YouTube Creators Blog says will work in HTML 5-compatible browsers as part of an “early preview” of the new feature. The higher-frame rates provide smoother animation, which is especially desirable with video game streams.

The same quality is also making its way to Android, with some reporting they’re seeing an option to view videos in 60fps. This Age of Ultron trailer is one such video if you want to check it out. Or you can try searching YouTube for “60fps video.”

It doesn’t appear any update to the Android app is required, though it may take some time for this capability to make its way to various devices.

The story behind the story: YouTube has supported 60fps playback for a while, but this is the first time it’s available with live streams. The move is partly designed to keep pace with Amazon-owned Twitch, which can stream video gameplay at this rate. 

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