Swedish dude shows how you handle a charging bear

SgtMcTarget screen shot

Life sometimes presents you with stark and sudden choices, like when a huge brown bear comes charging out of the woods with seemingly bad intent.

What do you do? (That is, after trying to get a really cool selfie with the bear in the background!) Most of us would be inclined to run for that short distance before the bear catches and devours us.

But that would be a poor, if understandable, choice. A better but more counter-intuitive way to go is to scare the bear! Just tell it that the government is plotting to seize all the guns of the woodland creatures, or that vaccinations can cause autism in bear cubs.

Problem is, that will work only on freedom-loving American bears. The guy and bear in the video below are from Sweden, where socialism already has enslaved the human and animal populations! Time for Scare Plan B: Acting bigger and more ferocious than you really are.

This story, "Swedish dude shows how you handle a charging bear" was originally published by Fritterati.

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