Are these really the '10 dumbest trends of all time'?

popped collars
Ryan Ebert via Flickr

Cramming a "best of" into a list of 10 is always a daunting task, unless the category is "Top 10 baseball defensive positions" or something like that.

But narrowing down the "dumbest trends" ever to just 10 is almost impossible, given mankind's bottomless well of stupidity and gullibility. Yet the folks at Top10Media do not shrink from the challenge. They've compiled a video below of what they consider to be the "10 dumbest trends of all time." Here are a few; you'll have to consult the 6:33 video for the full story. Go ahead, you need something to get through hump day.

Fad diets. We were hoping for something a bit more specific, but you probably could make a list of 20 dumb fad diets alone.

Selfies. Yes.

Planking. Also yes.

Sagging jeans. This is a pretty good list.

Twerking. This is a great list.

Actually, there is a problem with Top10Media's choices -- they're heavily weighted toward modern dumb trends. Thus they give short shrift to the mindless trends of earlier generations, such as The Wave, popped shirt collars, Pokemon, old guys getting earrings, swallowing goldfish, deep tans, and Prancercise.

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