New York lawmaker says return of Jesus makes Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage irrelevant

Supreme Court
Credit: John Marino via Flickr

If a U.S. Supreme Court justice is reading this -- or even one of their underpaid, overworked clerks -- we have great news!

You know how some of you have been agonizing (or more like pretending to agonize in some cases) over the court's expected ruling in June on gay marriage? Well, guess what? The pressure is off because your vote will not matter! Well, particularly if you vote to uphold the rights of gays to marry.

We know this because New York state Sen. Ruben Diaz has been Skyping with God. As Raw Story reports, the Democrat from the Bronx assured attendees of the March for Marriage in Washington, D.C. in late April that the sanctity of marriage will be preserved one way or another.

(But first he wanted to remind everybody in his shouty, arm-wavy way that "we're here because we fear God.")

“We’re here to say we put our position, everything God gave to us, to the feet of Jesus to let the Lord do what he will, what he wants, but never, never, never we shall deny Christ because he’s our saviour, he’s our redeemer, because he gave his life for us, because he is coming back, he will reign — it doesn’t matter what the courts say — Christ lives.”

So you Supreme Court justices can flip a coin, abstain, double-vote, sleep in that day -- whatever you want, really. Because it doesn't matter.

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