Call girl gets 6 years in plea deal over Google exec's heroin death on yacht

alix tilechman
KSBW Action News 8 screen shot

Remember that bizarre story from a couple of years ago about the Google executive -- a father of five! -- found dead on his yacht of a heroin overdose?

The California call girl charged in the death of Google X executive Forrest Timothy Hayes cut a plea bargain with prosecutors and was sentenced to six years in prison for charges of involuntary manslaughter and administering drugs.

Alix Tichelman, 27, pleaded guilty to causing Hayes' death by shooting him up with heroin. According to investigators, Tichelman left the yacht after Hayes fell unconscious in November 2013. ABC7News adds:

The high-end call girl was arrested eight months after Hayes' death. A surveillance video at the Santa Cruz harbor showed the woman gather her belongings, casually step over Hayes' body, finish a glass of wine and lower a blind before leaving the yacht the night before the body was discovered.

You have to admit, that's cold. Finish a glass of wine!

Her defense attorney says Tichelman probably will serve only three years, including almost a full year already logged in jail. 

Sad case all around.

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