Today in lunatic science: Courts working with 'demonic spirits' to stop gays from being cured

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Credit: Gordon James Klingenschmitt screen shot

Gay people have it so hard today, what with their character flaws and homosexual addiction. This pains Colorado state Rep. Gordon James Klingenschmitt, a former military chaplain and current nut who believes it is best for all of us if certified church quacks can be free to practice the type of psychological abuse and brainwashing that L. Ron Hubbard fine-tuned into a science. 

Raw Story came across the Colorado Republican's appearance on his very own Pray in Jesus Name television show from last night. In it he addresses the inexplicable ban on forced "cures" in the Garden State:

Unfortunately the United States Supreme Court has denied "Christian psychotherapists" their free speech rights to "counsel people that gay is wrong" by refusing on Monday to overturn the ban on cures imposed by New Jersey courts.

By the way, we'd like to take this opportunity to point out that on his show, this fierce opponent of gay perversion is referred to as "Dr. Chaps." Seriously.

More from Dr. Chaps:

"Christian psychotherapy is intended to help homosexuals overcome their addiction to sin...and to repair the character flaw inside of someone who has a character problem and that problem is homosexual addiction.”

Dr. Chaps is only trying to help. But he is opposed by sinister forces:

"[T]here is a demonic spirit inside of the addict that is controlling their voluntary choices or, at least, has contracted with them and is manifesting through them in this sinful addiction. ...

“What the lower court judges are doing is they are cooperating with the demonic spirit inside of the homosexual addict, and those judges are now reinforcing the sin. That’s what these bad judges have done.”

On the plus side, gay "cures" currently are banned only in New Jersey and California, so you gays in the other 48 states who would like to be cured of your homosexual addiction are good to go.

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