The amazing (and voluminous) results you get when you Google 'arrested' and 'naked'

naked man arrested
Jonas B via Flickr

We make it a policy at Fritterati not to single out non-famous people who end up in the news for unfortunate reasons because, honestly, we've all made mistakes or been too drunk, plus some folks have mental health challenges. (We make exceptions for blatantly racist stuff broadcast by the racists themselves. That's fair game.)

And we're not about to violate this policy now. That being said, you will astounded by the results you'll get -- and the stories you can read! -- if you do a Google search for the words "arrested" and "naked."

One thing we can guarantee: That search will never turn up zero results. We're looking at 988,000 right now.

Again, not naming names, here's a brief rundown of the types of headlines you might find yourself reading on any given day. Assume the word "allegedly" in all cases:

A Florida man arrested for walking around naked in his front yard

A Michigan woman arrested for driving the wrong way while naked and drunk

Naked couple arrested after traffic stop, police chase.

Drunken run in the buff gets naked jogger arrested

Cursing, naked man arrested

Police arrest naked man on acid in Genoa Township

Another Florida man was arrested for some "naked antics"

Naked man arrested after raiding kitchen for fried chicken

These all were from the first page of returns, and each incident happened in May. That's a whole lot of naked antics.

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