Michigan state senator arrested after shooting up angry ex-wife's Mercedes-Benz while naked

virgil smith
WXYZ-TV Detroit screen shot

Let's hope Michigan state Sen. Virgil Smith was correct when he allegedly told Detroit police that filling his ex-wife's car with bullets in a hot-headed confrontation over the weekend was the most stupid thing he's ever done.

First off, somebody could have gotten hurt. Secondly, now a perfectly good luxury vehicle is riddled with 10 bullet holes. Thirdly, the Detroit Democrat was naked when he went Rambo, likely complicating future runs for higher office while earning the gratitude of headline writers around the country (thank you, Sen. Smith).

From the Detroit Free Press (link above): 

The incident occurred after the Detroit Democrat's ex-wife pushed her way into the house and attempted to attack another woman who was in Smith's bed, according to police. Smith told police she threw a chair at the windows of his house and he shot at her car.

What kind of proportional response is that? And when will the NRA sarcastically suggest that maybe we should ban chairs?

According to the video below from WXYZ-TV in Detroit, neighbors heard more than 20 shots, so Smith clearly hasn't been to the firing range recently.

The senator was arrested and is being held on charges of suspicion of aggravated assault with a gun and malicious destruction of property. The status of the Mercedes-Benz was not known at press time.

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