Gawker's brutal attack on AOL's Tim Armstrong is hilarious -- and right on the money

Tim Armstrong
Credit: TechCrunch via Flickr

Now that Verizon has announced the purchase of AOL for $4.4 billion, it's time to take a look at Tim Armstrong's leadership at AOL. Gawker's Sam Biddle is more than eager to take a stab at it.

Well, more of a hacking, because Biddle has a decidedly dim view of Armstrong's actions, decisions, and bestowed content wisdom. But the thing is, everything Biddle writes in "A Salute to AOL's Tim Armstrong, a Real Shitty Boss," seems right on the mark. 

Quick Armstrong-hating highlights:

"Armstrong implemented insane managerial stratagems like “The AOL Way,” which demanded spikes in blogger output with dips in blogger expenses."

"Armstrong once said in an interview, not as a joke, that he had hired the Jonas Brothers to help “redesign the internet,” an initiative that has still not been completed."

"He once fired an underling for taking his picture at a meeting, ordering him “OUT!” in a conference call dog-bark."

By the way, you can hear an audio of that firing here.

Biddle finishes with a flourish: "Tim Armstrong is a robotic and possibly sociopathic manager, the kind of guy who will fire you with a smile on his face."

And a song in his heart. 

We'll leave the last comment for an anonymous former AOL worker, who wrote this comment more than four years ago: "Since TA came on board, the place eats away one's soul like cancer -- making one question one's self worth."

Good luck, Verizon.

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