The Jukebox Whisperer

1947 Wurlitzer jukebox
Credit: Paulo Philippidis via Flickr

You still can find jukeboxes in bars and other public venues across America, though most are Internet-connected and thus don't have the moving parts inside that can play records -- and break down.

Those vintage jukeboxes reside primarily in the homes of collectors, typically Baby Boomers. What happens when one does break? You just take it to Best Buy!

Kidding. Actually, you need an experienced jukebox repair professional. There aren't many left, but The Atlantic has an interesting video profile of a guy named Perry Rosen, who is "one of America's few remaining jukebox technicians."

Rosen lives in the Sheepshead Bay section of Brooklyn and says he can fix any jukebox "from the 1930s right up to the year 2000," he tells The Atlantic

There's no embed code, so here's a link to the video. It's pretty cool.

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