Be ready for the next 'Roaring Twenties' by mastering these darb terms from the last one


Tea-hound plying his trade on Atlantic City beach.

Credit: fauxto_digit via Flickr

In less than five years it will be the 2020s. We think now's the time to dust off some of the best slang terms from the last Roaring Twenties to get you "on the trolley" for the upcoming Roaring Twenties.

The alternative is to be perceived as an Apple Knocker, a flat tire, a palooka. And that would be a sad fate indeed for a member of the Fritterati.

So put on your glad rags and get ready for some darp slang terms from that decade when tea-hounds roamed the streets, only to be tragically run over by breezers. We put links below for more terms.

Bank's closed: you're not getting a kiss out of me

Breezer: a convertible car

Butt me: Give me a cigarette

Cheaters: Eyeglasses

Darb: Someone or something that is excellent

Glad rags: Dress-up clothes

Handcuff: Engagement ring 

High-hat: To snub

Now you're on the trolley!: You've figured something out

Oilcan: An imposter

Rock of Ages: Any woman over age 30

Spifflicated: Drunk

Tea-hound: An inveterate pursuer of women

Weed: A flapper who takes risks

Here are the links we promised:

Slang of the 1920s

A Flapper to English Dictionary

College Slang (written in 1927!)

Jazz Age Slang

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