Best of the great Deflategate debate

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Is Tom Brady more diabolical than Aaron Hernandez, or are we witnessing an unjustified  character lynching by Hatriot Nation in response to vague conclusions from an NFL investigation into whether the New England Patriots star quarterback had a role in a number of game balls being illegally under-inflated during last year's playoff game against the Indianapolis Colts?

Christ, that sentence was almost as long as the investigation! Too bad. No turning back now. It's like a 2-minute drill.

We know how we stand, but let's look at a couple of videos taking opposing sides of the Great Deflategate Debate, plus another of Brady answering questions Thursday night at a scheduled public event in Massachusetts. And a bonus video at the bottom from Jimmy Kimmel titled "I am the locker room guy." It's about three months old, but it's still funny.

First up is Jon Stewart with a 7-minute segment titled "You Cheating F*ck!"

Next is former Brady teammate Tedy Bruschi coming to his defense:

Here's Brady speaking with Jim Gray at Salem State College:

And here's the Jimmy Kimmel video, starring Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Steve Tyler and some other famous folks:

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