Taxpayers get to support our military by covering Pentagon casino, escort expenses

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There are many ways taxpayers can support the U.S. military: car magnets, homecoming parades, patriotic Facebook pages. Oh, and paying the gambling and escort expenses of Pentagon workers living it up in Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

At least the latter one appears to be the preferred method of those U.S. military employees who charge gambling and escort service expenses to their government credit cards, Politico reports:

A Defense Department audit has found that a number of Pentagon employees used their government credit cards to gamble and pay for “adult entertainment” — findings that are expected to lead department officials to issue stern new warnings.

Yep, "stern new warnings" always can be counted on to stop misbehavior in its tracks. For days, sometimes!

Politico reports that a Pentagon official "briefed on some of the findings stressed that the federal government did not necessarily pay the charges; holders of the cards pay their own bills and then submit receipts to be reimbursed for expenses related to their government business."

"Did not necessarily pay the charges" doesn't exactly inspire a lot of faith that we haven't been footing the bill for disguised gambling and sex expenses.

As for the official's suggestion that the expenses were being charged to Pentagon credit cards to hide them from spouses, doesn't that raise concerns about blackmail and national security?


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