Pizza Hut has the best app for hostages to secretly ask for help

Pizza Hut
Credit: rob_rob2001 via Flickr

It's hard to think quickly on an empty stomach, so let's give credit to a Florida woman who cleverly used an app from a pizza chain to get herself out of a dire situation.

From the Associated Press:

A central Florida woman helped save herself and her children by sending a message in an online pizza order that asked employees to call 911 because she was being held hostage. 

The Avon Park Pizza Hut employees spotted what Cheryl Treadway wrote in the comment section of her online order. Employees recognized Treadway as a regular customer and called the sheriff's office.

Sheriff's deputies then went to Treadway's home, where they found her with her three children and an idiot boyfriend with a knife. He eventually surrendered peacefully.

It was not known at press time whether the pizza arrived before the idiot boyfriend was taken to jail, where he is being held on numerous charges. 

This story, "Pizza Hut has the best app for hostages to secretly ask for help" was originally published by Fritterati.

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