This dude takes his beer pretty seriously

Blue Moon beer
Credit: Herman Yung via Flickr

Someone sure is serious about his beer. Or the meaning of words. Perhaps both. 

Whatever is fueling his discontent, San Diego home brewer Evan Parent is so adamant that brewing company MillerCoors has wronged consumers by falsely claiming that its Blue Moon brand of Belgian-style white beer is a "craft beer" when it decidedly is not, he has filed a class-action lawsuit.

From The Huffington Post:

In his suit, filed last month in California state court, Parent contends that MillerCoors has been misleading the public with the "crafty" beer it's been brewing for 20 years -- and getting a premium price for -- because Blue Moon doesn't fit the Brewers Association's strict definition of a craft beer. He seeks an unspecified amount in damages for misleading advertising and unfair competition.

A word of advice to MillerCoors: Don't go all SeaWorld on Parent. No snide comments about him "crying in his beer," no character-bashing YouTube videos. Let the judicial process take its course.

(Speaking of alcohol and the judicial system, did you know that in colonial times it was common for people to drink in courthouses?)

Also, back to Parent, the guy is pretty distraught about the whole thing. From the lawsuit:

In or around July 2012, Plaintiff was informed by friends that Blue Moon is not a craft beer, but rather a mass produced beer made by MillerCoors. Plaintiff was initially skeptical, but eventually verified the facts through his own research. As a result, Plaintiff has not purchased Blue Moon since approximately July 2012.

 Wait'll he finds out it's not brewed in Belgium!

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