LG may loan you a G4 if you're willing to ignite a viral marketing campaign

Florence Ion

LG  is offering you a shot at checking out the G4 before it goes on sale, as long as you’re game to do some free publicity.

The LG G4 Trial Program is now live, offering sign-ups for a “select group of VIPs” to score the G4 in advance of its worldwide launch. You’ll then be asked to do a “unique social media challenge,” which presumably means sharing all about your positive experiences with the newest flagship phone.

In LG's original announcement of the Customer Experience Campaign, it stated that the phones were on loan for up to 30 days, so you may have to give it back. Of course LG hopes it’ll have won you as a customer by then.

We got a hands-on with the LG G4 at its launch event in New York, and came away impressed with its camera capabilities and gorgeous, 5.5-inch screen. It may not dethrone the Galaxy S6 this year, but it appears to be a better option than the HTC One M9.

The impact on you: If you’re willing to do some free publicity for LG, you may as well take a shot at getting picked. There isn’t a deadline on the site, but don’t expect this offer to hang around for too long, as the G4 is set to go on sale sometime this month.

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