Yet more evidence that sending humans to Mars is a stupid, suicidal idea

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We hope this news sinks in to the 100 finalists for the Mars One suicide flight. It's not too late to pull out.

From The Science Times:

A new study funded by NASA shows that the long term effects of space travel could spell trouble for astronauts attempting to fly to Mars.  It seems that astronauts undertaking the long voyage to Mars, could arrive at the Red Planet with brain damage.

Researchers at the University of California dosed lab mice with radiation levels equivalent to a trip to the Red Planet. It messed up their brains. According to The Science Times, the radiation "changed the way their neurons fired, make them less efficient at transmitting electrochemical signals. This loss of efficiency hampered both their memory and problem solving skills."

Hey, but who needs to be on top of their game in a pitiless, foreign environment in which the slightest mistake, misstep or miscalculation can mean instant and perhaps immeasurably painful death? Besides, if the worst happens, you'll still have a kick-ass Wikipedia entry.

Bonus science understatement of the day (via The Science Times): "This is not positive news for astronauts deployed on a two- to three-year round trip to Mars." -- Dr. Charles Limoli, professor of radiation oncology in UC Irvine School of Medicine.

There'll be no round trip, Dr. Limoli. Not in the near future.

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