SeaWorld cited by state for failing to teach employees how to safely handle killer whales

Britt Reints via Flickr

When last we heard from SeaWorld, the embattled sea park was trashing the reputation of a former trainer who wrote a book exposing SeaWorld's mistreatment of its killer whales (orcas) and its staff trainers.

The allegations from former trainer John Hargrove and the makers of the 2013 documentary Blackfish that SeaWorld abused its whales and staff couldn't be true, SeaWorld argued, because John Hargrove is a drunk and a racist! And something something about Blackfish!

From the Los Angeles Times:

State safety inspectors have issued four citations to SeaWorld San Diego for allegedly failing to train employees how to "safely interact with killer whales."

The four citations issued this week by the state Division of Occupational Safety and Health at the Department of Industrial Relations carry a total fine of $25,770.

SeaWorld said the citations show a "fundamental misunderstanding of the requirements of safely caring for killer whales."

And they also show that the safety inspectors are drunken racists!

It's worth pointing out here that the citations came after an inspection prompted by a complaint, so someone -- that is, some drunken racist -- noticed something amiss.

SeaWorld plans to appeal the citations. By the way, SeaWorld generated $1.38 billion in revenue in 2014, so that $25,770 total fine will really sting.

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