Watermelon and molten aluminum: A refreshing summer treat!

TheBackyardScientist screen shot

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you poured molten aluminum into a watermelon? 

Of course you haven't. But the people at TheBackyardScientist have, and they also have nearly 2.7 million YouTube views to show for it in one day! 

Check out the video below. The end result is a whole bunch of watermelon seeds that remind of us what would happen if Monsanto had free rein.

But here's what we can't figure out: Over the past two years, TheBackYardScientist has posted about 60 videos of weird experiments. The watermelon video is by far the most popular, with nearly 1 million more views than the runner-up, "Pouring molten aluminum into a pool, with 1.77 million views. 

Why not "Ammonia Sulfate Mistake!" (4,368 views) or "Powerful golf ball cannon" (1,925 views)? Who knows? And, really, who cares?

This story, "Watermelon and molten aluminum: A refreshing summer treat!" was originally published by Fritterati.

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