Google Fi app surfaces on Play Store, though most can't use it yet

You can install app, but you can't use it unless you are among few to gain early access to Project Fi wireless service

Google Project Fi
Credit: Google

The Google Fi app showed up for the first time Wednesday on the Play Store: The catch is that you'll need a Nexus 6 phablet and an invitation to the new wireless service in order to make any use of it.

Google's Project Fi, unveiled last week to mixed reviews, offers a potentially lower cost wireless service whose magic includes a SIM card that enables your Android device to bounce between Sprint and T-Mobile LTE networks as well as WiFi hotspots. Initially, the mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) service will only be available on the Nexus 6.

Among Google Fi's features: You pay in advance but get a credit for unused data (as shown in the accompanying screenshot). Google's international roaming allowance is generous as well.

Google Fi android app Google

The free app's features, if you're a Project Fi user, include:

• Activation of Project Fi service
• Management of your account and settings
• Data usage monitoring
• Monthly statements
• 24/7 support

You can request a Google Fi invite here if you provide your gmail address and zip code, to ensure service is available in your area. Here's the reply Google sends to such requests for access to its early adopter program.

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