Close calls: 10 times 'the world nearly ended'

Credit: AllTime10s screen shot

Just watching or reading the news these days is depressing: Wars, terrorism, racial violence, police brutality, nuclear proliferation, global warming ... there's a lot going on that makes you worry about our future.

And the truth is, the world could end at any time. Any time!* In fact, Earth has narrowly averted that disastrous fate more than once. This sobering video by Alltime10s reviews the "10 times we've come perilously close to destroying the world."

Among the events were:

  • The failure of a communications system in 1961 that could have triggered nuclear war with the Soviet Union
  • A volcano in 1815 in Indonesia that killed 88,000 people and caused whirlwinds, tsunamis, famine in North America and epidemics in Europe.  
  • A solar flare in 1859 -- the biggest in recorded history -- caused a geomagnetic storm that disrupted electrical technology on our planet.
  • The 14th-century plague known as the Black Death.

We like how the video voice-over guy signs off: "That was '10 times the world nearly ended.' I hope you enjoyed it!"

Yeah, it was a real pleasure. 

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