Woman who set car ablaze after being refused cigarette should try nicotine patches

car fire

Not the actual car fire, but an amazing simulation.

Credit: Jason Bolonski via Flickr

In Jerusalem there is a woman who appears to have strong feelings about her requests  for a cigarette being rejected, if her torching of this car at a gas station is any indication. 

Israel National News reports:

Security camera footage shows the woman approaching a man who was fueling his car. She apparently asked him for a cigarette, and he refused. 

She then pulled out a lighter and put the flame next to the fueling nozzle, causing an immediate fire. 

These are not gas station best practices by any stretch of the imagination! Further, if the woman had watched this enlightening video, she would have gained some much-needed perspective about the success rate for hitting up strangers for cigarettes or sex. This knowledge could have prevented her from acting so rashly.

She also might want to consider quitting smoking. Just sayin'.

The woman was later arrested on suspicion of setting the car on fire. It was not known at press time if she had been offered a cigarette in jail.

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