We're riffing, Jerry! Hulu wins Seinfeld sweepstakes

Seinfeld DVD
Martijn van Exel via Flickr

Beginning in June, Hulu users will be able to watch any of the 180 episodes of "Seinfeld" using the online streaming service.

Hulu announced on Wednesday that it has won the streaming rights to the classic NBC sitcom, which aired from 1989 to 1998, outbidding Amazon and Yahoo (Netflix dropped out of the running weeks ago). The Wall Street Journal ballparks Hulu's deal with Sony Pictures Entertainment at $126 million.

That's $700,000 per episode (sadly, including the ones with Jerry's parents), which is far more than the $500,000 per episode we mentioned in a March post about negotiations.

Of course, you still can watch Seinfeld on TBS -- but only the episodes that Ted Turner decides you can watch! And you also can buy the season DVD sets. But that would be sort of crazy at this point.

Congratulations, Hulu. See you hard in June.

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