The curse of being handsome

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People ask us why we aren't looking for a job. Usually we say that we're pacing ourselves, and then try to re-direct the conversation to focus on that person's shortcomings and failings. 

But it's time for the mask to come off. The truth is, we cannot bear the pain, humiliation and rejection inherent in a job search when you are part of a persecuted class. 

From Medical Daily

According to a new small study from University College London and the University of Maryland, good looks can be detrimental for men in the work place and make it harder for them to get a job in a competitive work setting.

For the study, researchers devised four experiments in which volunteers were asked to “hire candidates” of various levels of attraction. Results showed that overall being slightly unattractive seemed to be advantageous for male candidates.

Don't be fooled by the specificity of context here (job searches). Our magnificent looks have burdened us in other arenas throughout our life. 

The researchers say the bias against handsome men as job candidates exists not because they "are perceived as less competent, but rather that they are subconsciously perceived as too much of a threat."

We're so glad to finally get this off our chest. 

This story, "The curse of being handsome" was originally published by Fritterati.

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