Older gentleman has epiphany regarding Snapchat's intrinsic 'junk'-sending value

Credit: BuzzFeedVideo screen shot

It's always amusing, cute and, yes, somewhat sad to watch adults try to figure out new technology.

They seem so confused and overwhelmed, especially when they have to hold devices at arms length so they can see the screen! It makes you want to run down to CVS to get reading glasses for them! And even when they can see the screen, it's all a jumble of icons and swipey things to them.

This BuzzFeed video shows adults from different generations trying to wrap their heads around Snapchat. A younger woman says she "was sure it was just for nude pictures."

Not so, though they certainly are an option.

Another young woman asks, "Those are the rules, that it has to be an ugly picture?"

No, those are not rules; it just always seems to turn out that way.

Perhaps ironically, it's one of the older folks in the video who zeroes in on the optimal "use case" for Snapchat:

"I can send pictures of my junk and then it's going to be gone in 30 seconds or something," he asks an interviewer. 

"Exactly," the interviewer says.

"There's a real appeal to that, I have to tell ya."

Indeed there is, sir. Just don't send any our way.

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