Twitter launches Highlights, a twice-daily package of curated tweets

twitter highlights screenshots

Twitter wants to turn down the information firehose, offering to remix the day’s tweets into a more pleasant serving.

That’s the plan behind Highlights, a feature launching today on Android—and yes, it’s launching first on Android. Up to twice a day you’ll get a push alert that pulls together tweets that Twitter thinks you’ll be interested in seeing. You’ll also have access to Highlights inside of the Twitter app.

You don’t need an update from the Play Store to get the new feature. Instead, you’ll need to head to Settings > @yourname > and then check the box for Highlights.

You’ll then see a stacked card icon at the top of your timeline. Touch that to get a list of tweets that Twitter has selected for you based on who you follow and trending news and events.

The story behind the story: Twitter’s growth rate has has been stagnant, hanging at around 300 million users. While that may sound like a lot, that’s still about one-fifth of Facebook. So in order to please investors Twitter is hoping its Highlights feature, along with new security measures to crack down on trolls, will help encourage more people to join the flock.

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